Steve Jobs

I was going to wear blue jeans and a black moc today but it was too warm for the moc. Instead, I have carried many thoughts about Steve Jobs in my heart as I have gone about my work. On a purely human level my heart goes out to his family and to the Apple family, which, I am sure, was a warm extended family for him.

Beyond this, I have been thinking a good bit about the Creation Mandate in the Book of Genesis. Clearly, Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe that one God created the heavens and the earth. Beyond this, according to Genesis God made us in “His image.” Today this has always meant that humankind, taken collectively, is an “under-creator,” meaning that we too are creators, explorers, inventors, and dreamers. I have been thinking today about how Steve Jobs has spent his life doing what he loves, and in the process, making our lives better. I don’t think that God ever meant that we should work like crazy just to get rich. We should work like crazy because we are crazy about what we are doing. In the process we become a blessing to others.

As I sit here with my iPod in front of me on my desk, I am mindful of the creative genius that God has put into the man I am thinking about today

– but beyond that, it challenges me to use my gifts even more enthusiastically for the good of others.