More Music

I wrote of my visit with my college choir director the other day. We had a wonderful visit and brought back many happy memories of my college days – and the names of friends that I had forgotten. Yesterday I had a real treat – one of my former quartet members sent me a recording of our college choir that was made in 1966. I went to Gordon College in Massachusetts, a four-year, liberal arts, Christian college with a fantastic choir director – my friend Alton Bynum. Talk about memories! As I played the music, I could sing almost every word.

Over the years music has kept me alive when my spirit should have died. Music has kept me joyful and hopeful when I might have been depressed. I believe that God has created music and put it in our hearts so that life will be filled with meaning and hopefulness. You may not think of yourself as especially musical – but I would encourage you to sing today – sing some thing – sing anything – praise God with your voice and will make a difference in your heart!