Sunday Preview

Malawi, a small finger-like country in southeastern Africa, is one of the poorest countries on our planet. When we were there in 2000 we were told that the National Bank of Malawi was computerized in 1999! This speaks volumes about many other services in the country. For example, radio and television services are extremely limited – a difficult situation when there is such a dire need for public awareness with respect to HIV AIDS.

On Sunday we are pleased to host Jim and Jodi McGill, PCUSA missionaries to Malawi and four of their six children. Jim is a civil engineer who works with city planning and Jodi is a nurse practitioner, working both in a hospital setting and in a public health role. If you are new in the community, we invite you to come and join us. We will be having a covered dish dinner following the worship service to hear from the McGill’s. If you are a visitor – and do not have any food – come anyway. We always have plenty!