All Saints Day

Last night my wife and I and several church members sat outside our home and greeted more then 100 ghosts, goblins, vampires, fairies, and all kinds of superheroes. Halloween, historically, is All Hallows Eve – the night when “all hell breaks loose” in the world and, in order to avoid having tricks played on them, townspeople bribed these evil ones with sweet treats. Of course, there was nothing evil about what happened in our front yard and on our street last night – it was just friends and neighbors having a good time.

All Hallows Eve morphs into All Saints Day – the day that the Christian church remembers the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds us – and, in fact, keeps evil away from us. I challenge you to think about the family, friends, teachers, and mentors who are now part of that great Company. What they are telling us is: “Keep going!” “Don’t give up!” And above all, “Keep your eyes on Jesus – he is everything to us and to you!