Thinking about Sunday

At our morning worship service we will again worship God through gathering in Jesus’ name, singing an old favorite hymn – Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine. The title continues: “Oh what a foretaste of glory divine.” Our gospel text comes from St. Matthew’s story of the unprepared bridesmaids. These are silly children who thought only of themselves – they didn’t even have fuel (batteries) for their lamps.

I use rechargeable batteries in my electronic recorder and other devices. It is really aggravating when I pick one up on Sunday morning and the batteries are run down. This is a poor analogy when compared with what these bridesmaids were doing. They were simply not paying attention to the spiritual riches that were being prepared for them. They knew that the Bridegroom (Jesus) was coming back for the big Feast – and they acted as though it was not going to happen. Shame on them! And shame on me every time I neglect the practice of living my life in such a way that my lamp is filled, my batteries charged – and my heart made ready for my coming Savior.