Changing Seasons

In front of our dining room window. In the fall that tree turns a brilliant yellow. Since our dining room has five windows you can also see the Dogwood tree that turns red in the fall. For 7 to 10 days every year I am so grateful to live in a house with such beauty in the dining room. On Sunday we read the Parable of the Talents and focused on the “one talent” man. One of my sermon points was that he was just too conservative. He thought something good would happen if he just protected his investment – he wanted something safe, secure, and recession-proof. The Master blessed the man who invested liberally.

Back to those trees: God is a liberal creator. He could have made one or two kinds of trees – and left them without color, but, instead, He filled them with chemical processes (and each one different) so that they could show forth the Creator and all His genius. Every time you see something beautiful, unique, or spectacular in the natural world – give thanks that God is a liberal and resourceful Creator.