JFK Assassination

I do. I was a senior in chemistry class at Bassick High School in Bridgeport Connecticut. We were asked to return to our home rooms where we were told that President John F. Kennedy had been shot to death in Dallas, Texas.. Our class, usually animated and full of fun, was reduced to stony silence; there were tears; we felt helpless in the face of something overwhelming and unnameable. All I remember about going home was that the house seemed darker than usual. We sat in front of our television grief-stricken that a man so young, so attractive, and so hope-filled could be cut down like that.

48 years later I still get a lump in my throat when I think about that day. In the days that followed we journeyed with the Kennedy family – and with all America to the Capitol rotunda, then to the church, and finally to the Arlington National Cemetery. There are times that we show respect – even love – for those who lead our country. As a Christian I am responsible to do this the matter who the president is. There are just times to swallow that lump in our throat – to forget about being Republican, Democrat, or independent – and just be thoughtful, loving Americans.