Playing Backup

Tom Roady was a deacon in a church of which I was pastor during the 80s and 90s

. I’m really loved the church – and love the Lord Jesus. Tom was also one of the best “session” percussionists in the country. His garage was converted into a studio that contained many of his instruments – and the walls were lined with gold, and even a few platinum, records. Tom played behind people like James Taylor, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Aretha Franklin, Vince Gill – and to many others to name here. Tommy had been suffering with cancer for the past several years. Apparently, he was in a weakened condition when he went on to work with Ricky Skaggs. Tom died in his sleep last week – and the music industry is diminished by his passing.

I am intrigued with the image of playing backup

. Tom was a real genius at enhancing the sound of many an artist with instruments that make a myriad of sounds. This is a lovely image for the Christian community during Advent. In the midst of sorrow, warfare, economic deprivation, and the rest – we play the quiet, background music of hope – hope that the Savior is coming.