Living Analogically In a Digital Age

My children no longer wear watches – when they want to know the time they look at their phones or other electronic, digital equipment. Being a bit older, I still have watches – and I love them. Of my four watches three of them are analog (they have a face and hands) and one is digital (tells the time write to the second). On New Year’s Eve this leads me to think about two kinds of time in the Bible: chronos time is clock time and our secular clocks measure every second ad nauseum. Of the other hand, chairos is God’s time. Like the big picture sweep of an analog watch we look at 12 hours at a time, make approximations, and judgments in a greater context. As we approach the new year I know that much of me is digital by nature – and yet I yearn to remain on God’s time – open to novelty, surprise, and joy that ticking off second by second cannot provide! Happy New Year!