Starting Over

On this second day of January, 2012 I still feel pretty clean – mistake-free – at peace with myself and the world. There’s something about the New Year’s holiday that makes us think we are starting over, you know, like the old man (2011), worn-out and beaten down leaves the scene and is replaced by the baby (2012) who is a sign of fresh hope for a better life in a better world. I wish that were true, but life is much more of a continuum. Whatever I was in 2011 I will be in 2012 unless I make some specific changes – or unless changes are put upon me from an outside force. As I look to the new year I turned, as I always do, to God steadfast love holds me close and gives me the power, as his beloved child, to do what is right, good, and just. Happy New Year to one and all!