Nurturing Character

There is nothing more important within the Christian community than nurturing children and young people. The passing of Joe Paterno this week has set me to thinking about this man’s legacy and the sadness of his last days. I was raised in a “character-building” church. I can point to (male and female) mentors to whom I owe everything. Mr. Paterno insisted on high levels of character, academic excellence, and – excellence in football. His record at all levels speaks for itself. On the other hand, the sadness of the abuse scandal at Penn State (and elsewhere) leads us to reflect on how fragile children are and how many twisted (CS Lewis use the word “bent”) people are out to destroy character rather than build it. I feel deeply for children who have been abused – and I rejoice over the many more children who have been nurtured properly. Praise God for people like Pa Joe!