Coming off the Bench

Many of us have been enjoying the success of young Jeremy Lin, who came off the New York Knicks bench a few weeks ago and proved to be an overnight sensation. This young Taiwanese basketball player was pretty much unheard of until he took to the floor and began moving the ball with incredible skill, shooting from outside the 3 Point Circle – and executing assists that just about take your breath away. When I was young, the term “gunner” was a derogatory term for someone who refused to pass the ball and took all the shots himself. Most gunners missed the hoop – a lot! Not so with Jeremy Lin. Sure, he can shoot – but the real magic of his playing is when he sets up another player for an even easier shot. “The ministry of assistance” is something we do as a church. Not only do we help hungry people get food and wounded people find medical care – we also find ways of putting people in the spotlight – to do something great for Jesus. I want to encourage all of us to work on our “assists.”