First Priority

I started a Lenten sermon series on the Great Ends of the Church, which are enumerated in our Church’s Constitution. This forms the fundamental mission/purpose for which the church exists. The first priority of the church is: The Proclamation of the Gospel for the Salvation of Humankind. We talked about the unreality of so-called reality TV and how it sends a message of self-centeredness and greed. The reality of The Kingdom of God is that Jesus has come to turn everything on its head: instead of serving self we are here to serve others because this is what Jesus did, starting with his baptism where his identity as God’s beloved son was sealed forever. With this, our identity as His children is enough to make us want to shout for joy. Life in God’s Kingdom is a life of serendipity – God’s delightful presence pops in and out of our lives as we seek Him. This is the good news we preach.