Lifelong Friendships

The other night I had dinner with two guys that I have known since 1964; that was the year I started college. Additionally there are three other guys in our group – our “band of brothers.” When I began my ministry at First Presbyterian, Greensboro one of those men, Paul, and his family showed up at worship. He lives in the Atlanta area and is the closest of the five. At the end of the service Paul and my wife came to the pulpit and Paul presented me with a beautiful Study Bible. It was purchased by a young woman from a youth group that we led while we were in college at my seminary bookstore. She then had a local guy signed it, who then set it to Chicago for another signature – then to Baltimore – then to Atlanta. For a wonderful gift! Also, these guys showed up at my house two years earlier after I was released from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta after my spinal cord injury. We have to work at it – but there are no friendships like lifelong friendships!