The Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to World

On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem to cries of “Hosanna,” which means “save us.” To many people in that great throng this meant that Jesus was the one who would mount an army that would remove forever the dreadful Roman legions. There was another procession, however: this procession was led by Pontius Pilate, a paranoid Roman politician who came to Jerusalem for the Passover festival to make sure that things did not get out of hand – especially when the word got out that the “King of the Jews” would be there. Pilate exhibited all the worst traits of humanity – and Jesus exhibited the best. The sixth of the Great Ends of the Church in our church’s constitution is the Exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the World. This is exactly what Jesus did on Palm Sunday – and everywhere else he went. It is been many years since that day and there are still “God things” going on – like when we pay attention to the poor and fill the bodies and souls of the needy. Whenever the Kingdom breaks in in unexpected and delightful ways we (the church) are an exhibition of the kingdom of heaven to the world.