Do it again, Lord! Do it again!

A father and his young son went on an overnight camping trip. It was the first time for the boy. While it was still very dark, the father arose and started a fire. Then he aroused his sleeping boy. After protesting a bit, the boy got up. He stood near the fire, trying to keep warm as they waited. He knew that they had come to see the sunrise.

Soon it began! The blackness in the east gradually turned to gray, then gray turned to blue. The image of a lake and shadowy trees began to emerge out of the darkness. The blue turned to a near-white color. Finally pink, violet and orange hues emerged in the east over the pines! Suddenly the entire area was flooded with light. They watched this spectacular display in silent awe.

Finally the boy could stand it no longer. He turned to his father and said with wonder in his eyes, “Daddy, do it again! Do it again!”

Often Easter is like this. Jesus has defeated the darkness, overthrown sin and death and won the victory over evil, through a miraculous, spectacular event that has since overwhelmed the whole world.

So often throughout history and throughout our lives as well, I think we would like to see that miracle again and we cry out to God, “Do it again, Lord! Do it again!”

A joy-filled Easter to one and all!