Looking at the Stars

Last week we spent a few days with my father in law and my step-mother-in-law. As always we had a great time. What never ceases to amaze me is how he has retained his incredible intellect – and interest in things of the mind – for nearly 89 years! He is a true rocket scientist – work for Dr. Warner Von Braun in Huntsville for the Army missile command, which later became NASA. He gave us a copy of a small book he has put together on rocketry, propulsion, fuel usage, trajectory, and guidance. The first part of the book contains his thoughts and definitions about these things – and the second part is page after page of differential equations that support his work. Most of these equations were his – but some were solved by his colleagues. He is a true scientist – but he is also a Christian, and a Presbyterian Ruling Elder – so like the rest of us he looks at the stars in the skies and wonders who are we humans that God should take mind of us? Awesome!