Communion in the Real World

The first Sunday in October is World Communion Sunday. This was first started when a group of Presbyterian ministers gathered in 1936 to talk about the needs of the church at the height of the Great Depression. This week we receive the good news that the US unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. By contrast, in 1936 the rate was 16.9% – down from 26.9% three years earlier. Encouraging churches to celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the same Sunday could have a positive effect on the spiritual morale and the power to create a tenacious hope in the Lord.

At First Presbyterian we experienced a warm, deeply spirit-filled celebration of Holy Communion. We prayed for the world – and for Christians everywhere. It was a Communion service based in “reality.” Holy Communion is not based in “pie in the sky when you die,” but rather in the gritty reality that we live in an imperfect, suffering world, and it is in that suffering world that Jesus came to bridge the gap between God and humankind. It is not a pretty sight – but it is enough to give us hope the matter what comes today or tomorrow.