Giving till It Feels Good

This is the stewardship season in many of our churches – a time to ramp up talk about budgets, pledges, and necessary increases – if the church is to prosper and do its work. I have often asked myself, and often churches, what if we receive twice or three times what we need for the budget. Mostly, people laugh at me and then give that “deer in the headlight” look.

I want to suggest that there is a different way of looking at why we give to the Lord’s work through the Church. Let’s start thinking about giving as a function of personal and corporate gratitude as opposed to meeting a budget. If we begin to think in terms of gratitude for all God has done for us, most notably the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Beyond that everything else is like dessert!

I really believe that if we start giving this way we would use the budget as a working tool – but we will receive new visions for service. So… Think gratefully, and give liberally.