Grateful Living

This week we will celebrate a national Day of Thanksgiving. Normally we do not have a special “Thanksgiving” service in our church for two reasons: first, “Thanksgiving” is a national holiday proclaim by the president as a day to remember our blessings and give thanks to God. Second, Thanksgiving is part of our daily and Sabbath without exception. We are a thankful people constitutionally – it is just Christian to be thankful.

Instead of rushing through the Thanksgiving dinner so you can get to the mall, take some time to think about the Pilgrims left Plymouth, England for the uncertainties of the New World. For more than two months, the 102 passengers suffered through the difficult journey and the horrors of that first winter in Plymouth where half the company died.

Survivors built houses and even made friends with the Indians, reaping a bountiful harvest the following summer. The grateful Pilgrims initiated a three-day Thanksgiving feast to thank God and to celebrate with their Indian friends. As you celebrate this special holiday this week I hope you will remember true significance – and live gratefully!