A Confessional Church

This weekend I led a workshop at our Presbytery’s Annual Leadership Training Event on the Book of Confessions. Every now and then someone says to me that there’s not much difference between the denominations – so it doesn’t really matter which church you go to. I need to challenge that statement. The Presbyterian Church USA is unique in that it is governed primarily by its theology more than its form of government. The book of confessions contains 10 historical documents, beginning with the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed; continuing with four national confessions, one ecumenical confession, and the last two are products of the Presbyterian Church USA. I never get tired of reading the Confessions; I never get tired of teaching them. By the way, my class was surprised at how great these Confessions are. If you want to know what a Presbyterian is – read our confessional material!