I often make reference to the Church as the Body of Christ and how it was designed by God to function smoothly, harmoniously, even sympathetically to carry out the Great Commission – and to be an agency of healing to the world. This week I saw a beautiful example of this – outside the church! On Thursday afternoons I work with children in an Afterschool Program sponsored by the Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club. For about 20 minutes I helped a fourth grade girl with her Language Arts assignment.

From there I noticed three boys at the next table working quietly on something. When I went to inquire I saw that they were doing a “round robin” drawing of a ship at sea, replete with sharks, crabs, seagulls, clouds – and the rest. I was impressed by the detail on the ship – but I was even more impressed by the way each boy took his turn and added something to the project. They were quiet, thoughtful, and very orderly. I was astounded at what three fourth-grade boys could do. They were a “well oiled machine” – or maybe even a “fine tuned Body.” I pray that the Church could function that well.