Jesus and Life’s Storms

Our hearts have been heavy these past few days as we see the images of the horrific tornadoes that struck Moore, Oklahoma. While it is a miracle that there were so few fatalities, it is still heartbreaking to see the near-complete distraction of that community. I am reminded of the brutal storms on the Lake of Galilee in the gospel stories and how Jesus responded to them. On one occasion Jesus got into the boat and everything was okay. It is always good to have Jesus in the boat with us. On the other hand there was an occasion where he commanded Peter to walk on the water with Him. What a thrill! Can you imagine how that event made Peter – and Jesus – feel? Jesus needed his spirits raised because of the death of his friend, John. Peter needed it because he wanted to be like Jesus and. As we pray for our friends in Oklahoma, let’s pray that Jesus will raise their spirits to new heights!