They say that the Presbyterian Church is “interconnected” – and our connections show up in the most interesting ways and places. In the mid-1970s I served a church in Tampa, Florida with a dynamic youth program that produced a number of ministers, missionaries, and other church workers. One young man in particular, Steve, came to be with me in Middle Tennessee for a summer internship program in 1984. He told me that when he was returning for his second year of seminary he was going to take turns preaching at a small church in Georgia some miles from school. In 2006 I was called to The Greene County Parish That Included First Presbyterian Church, Union Point. For some unknown reason I mentioned his name and I learned that the church Steve was referring to was none other than First Presbyterian, Union Point. He has now been senior pastor at his current church for nearly 25 years and has distinguished himself as a pastor and church leader. I do more than smile when I think of our connections.