A Momentous Milestone

Last Sunday we remembered our fathers on Father’s Day. As always, this is a bittersweet occasion because, for some of us, our fathers are no longer with us. Some people never knew their fathers – or their fathers were abusive. However, a good many people made phone calls, sent cards, and picked up dinner checks in honor of this special man in their lives. My dad died in 1987 – and he was a significant mentor to me. He especially taught me the art of cheerfulness in the midst of difficulties, physical and emotional. Dad had arthritis back in the 50s and was out of work for several months. He worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Company 46 years and obviously, was welcomed back with open arms. He later survived esophageal cancer – again – with a smile. He died with a smile – after a bowl of mom’s chicken soup and a dish of her green Jell-O with white grapes and a little bit of cool whip. This Sunday we are celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary of two of our church members. I imagine that the family stories will be amazing. God bless those who are faithful to the end!