Cheerful and Loquacious

Some things stay with you throughout your life: for me it was my second grade report card. Mrs. Gold was my teacher said I liked her very much. I will never forget one of her handwritten comments: “Jimmy is such a cheerful boy. However, he tends to be a bit loquacious.” In case you are wondering what the word “loquacious” means – it means “talkative.” I suppose there are positive and negative aspects of being called loquacious. I learned cheerfulness from my father. He was the most cheerful man I have ever known – and he was even cheerful in the face of difficult, life-changing events. As I grow older there are many things to face – but the Bible extols the cheerful heart and the cheerful giver. Being loquacious, I think, is a natural corollary of cheerfulness. There is no one I will not talk to; there is no one that I will not bring joy and hope just by talking to them!