Better Than I Expected

Last week I mentioned that I was going to preach for the 10th anniversary of the Providence Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Georgia. My wife and I went over Saturday evening and stayed in a hotel. We arrived at the church about 30 minutes before the service and found the place buzzing like a beehive. I was not only gratified – I was a little amazed by the number of charter members that greeted us. I will never forget the day back in 2003 when I led the Presbytery Commission that organized the congregation. If you are not a Presbyterian then you have no idea how wonderful it is to be present at the birth of a new congregation. That service took place in a local civic auditorium, but Sunday’s celebration took place in a beautiful sanctuary complete with a wonderful choir, accompanied by piano bass and drums. The music was awesome, the liturgy was purely Reformed – and the Spirit was present in a great way. I preached from the 12th chapter of Hebrews on the “Great Cloud of Witnesses.” The response was enthusiastic and gratifying and the service, that ran a little over two hours, was one of the best I had ever been in. I thank God for a day to remember!