Tricks, Treats, and Saints

This week is a big one for my wife and I. We just live for Halloween in the Greensboro. The downtown merchants dress up in costumes and give out candy to the children. Since we live just one block from the downtown business area there is tremendous spillover and we are usually overrun with ghosts, goblins, superheroes, fairies, and an assortment of comic book characters. Sometimes people reject Halloween as essentially evil – even “satanic.” We don’t go for that stuff. Actually, it is one of the most wholesome displays of family life that we experience all year. The parents dress up as much as the children – and they appear to have fun in the process. Also, I love Halloween because of the way it blends into the celebration of All Saints the next day. All that candy we give out really works – because the way is clear for us to remember what the Bible calls that “great cloud of witnesses” that is watching over us and encouraging us in our Christian lives.