Longing for the Christ

Thanksgiving, Black Thursday/Friday, and the misappropriation of Christmas has confused and distracted our society from the true reason for the season. In the Christian Church we are about to start the season of Advent. Advent is not Christmas – it is not nearly Christmas! Advent is that time when we as a people “long” for the coming of the Christ – God’s promised Messiah. God’s people have been waiting for a Him for generation after generation and so do we. During Advent we do not sing Christmas carols and, at least at the beginning, our services are quiet and even a bit somber as we wait. What are you waiting for today? If you are waiting in line at Kmart or some other big-box store, you may get a bargain television – but you will not find the Christ there. You will find him in the Church – and I hope you will be there until Christmas!