Love and Reconciliation

As we anticipate the birth of our Lord Jesus we are gratified by the prospect of one who both love and reconciles us to ourselves, to one another, and even to nature itself. This week I have been thinking about Nelson Mandela and the extraordinary outpouring of love that was evident at his memorial service. Not only were their heads of state from all over the political spectrum present there was the most racially mixed crowd that can be imagined. My wife and I were in South Africa in 1996 and heard stories of the rich, racial mix before Apartheid separated everything. Madiba (Father), as Mandela was called spent 30 terrible years in an 8 x 7′ cell in a former leper colony off the coast of Cape Town. Instead of coming out with a spirit of anger and revenge he came with love in his heart – and with the doctrine of reconciliation. The rest is history!