A Beloved Troubadour

Pete Seeger’s passing this week left a significant hole in my heart. I have sung his songs longer than I can remember – and I have admired his life for almost as long. His voice was unmistakable and, as a former folk singer and strummer I loved that beat up old five string banjo of his and I marveled at the way he played it. However, Pete Seeger was not merely an entertainer – he didn’t see himself as an entertainer at all. He was a man with a message: “a message of justice; a message of freedom; a message of love between the brothers and sisters all over this land.” Pete Seeger was more like young David, the beloved troubadour of Israel. He is like an Old Testament prophet, calling us to treat one another with justice, fairness, and equity. Take some time this week to read the Psalms and the prophets. Also, take some time to listen to the music of Pete Seeger. May we learn from the beloved troubadour of old – and the one who just left us.