I Once Was Blind?

Last Sunday we read the story in John’s gospel of the man blind from birth. I am reminded of the heartwarming television show of the 1980s – Little House on the Prairie. It is interesting to note that one of the costars in the series, Melissa Sue Anderson, played Mary Ingalls, a blind girl and a young woman for a longer period of time than she was able to see. There was a strong desire on her part to be healed just as there was great faith on the part of the man born blind in the gospel story. During this Lenten season what is it that you long for most? In what sense do you need your sight restored? For most of us there is nothing wrong with our eyes – but the eyes of our spirits can become clouded with selfish pride and with a depressed spirit. Jesus healed the man with dirt and spittle. What will it take for you to be healed?