A Great Easter Pageant

I have loved Easter sunrise services for as long as I can remember. When I was a boy, I played the trombone at services in Beardsley Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Some years it was so cold that I was afraid my lips were going to stick to the mouthpiece. I think that’s mostly a legend born out of watching too many Christmas movies. Anyway, I have been to sunrise services on the beach, in the mountains, on ballfields, in cemeteries, and in a large amphitheater. One of the most memorable services was held at Cumberland Caverns in Middle Tennessee. We met about 30 minutes before sunrise and began our service in the darkness of the huge cave opening. As the service progressed all 60 of us took a short hike from the cave entrance to a outdoor amphitheater overlooking the valley to the east. It was here that we saw one of the most amazing sunrises that has ever happened. I was totally moved by the power of the resurrection – but some people complained that their feet got wet.

Easter is God’s great miracle. What we make of it is ours!