A Terrible Scenario

The writer of the book of Genesis declared that humankind was made in God’s image. I have thought of this often in terms of the gifts and talents of artists, inventors, and political geniuses like the founding fathers of this great Republic of ours. In the past few weeks – and, in truth, much further back than that – that image of God has shown itself to be, in the words of CS Lewis, “bent.” The virtually intractable struggle between Israel and the Palestinian community has gone on for years, sometimes sinking to inhuman proportions. More recently the struggles in Russia and Ukraine have led to the destruction of an airliner in midflight, taking the lives of hundreds of men and women who were made in God’s image. When will this all end? One answer is – when Jesus comes! Another is – when the church that bears His name starts acting like Him, tolerant, loving, accepting of all people, and self-sacrificing. Please keep this in mind as you listen to the news. We can do better because God is in us!