A Joyous Reunion

Last week my wife and I traveled to Connecticut for the 50th reunion of my high school class. I can’t go into all the details but it is enough to say that I was reminded of yet another family of which I am a beloved part. My class has had a number of reunions but because I have lived in the South so long, and the reunions were always held mid-August, I could never come because of kids being in school and church activities starting up. Now, we are completely free and I just couldn’t pass up going to this one.

When visitors appear at worship services of our church I make a very important assumption: they are part of a Christian family somewhere; and, I immediately assume that they are part of our family from the very first day. There is no waiting limit in God’s family. When you first show your face – you are a member – and you are loved – just like Carole and I were loved last week.