Another Family Reunion

I went to Gordon College, a small Christian liberal arts college on Boston’s North Shore. It was a great experience in many ways, but the greatest experience of all was the two years I sang with the Varsity Quartet. This Quartet was part of the development department and we were paid half tuition to travel the highways and byways of New England promoting our college – and singing God’s praises. The best part of this ministry was what happened to us. We became a “band of brothers,” that after 50 years has not abated even slightly. If anything we have become stronger. We still “feel” one another as we sang together last week. That is, we still brief together and blend our voices as though we had been singing every day. There is such power in spending two years together, traveling, preparing, and performing for God’s people. The years simply cannot diminish it. Praise God for the gift of song!