Come As a Child 

Jesus said that if you want to really understand the Kingdom of God you must become like a child. Back in the 80s Richard Avery and Donald Marsh wrote a lovely song to this end. I hope you enjoy it – and I hope it draws you into God’s Kingdom:

1. Come as a little child, come with a smile of eagerness.
Greet each new day as a special gift of love,
Even if your old and gray, though you’ve come a long hard way.
Come ready to sing and play and dance, ready to risk and take a chance.

REFRAIN: For of such is the Kingdom, for of such is the Kingdom, come as a child.

2. Come with an open mind, come through each door with humbleness.
Treat each new thought as a spark of Holy Light.
Even if you’re satisfied, proud and wise and dignified.
Come ready to open up your eyes – ready to learn and be surprised. REFRAIN

3. Come with a trusting heart, come face the world with innocence.
Meet everyone as a friend to know and love.
Even if you’re sick and tired, disillusioned, uninspired.
Come ready to follow and explore – ready to lift to your wings and soar. REFRAIN

This is what life is all about!