When God Calls

Sunday we had a great experience at our church – Mr. Daryl Roberts of Orphan Aid Liberia spoke to us about his work, and the result was a powerful work of the Spirit. Daryl and Chrissy were neighbors of ours for nine years when we lived in Cartersville. As a newlywed Daryl was a salesman until he felt God’s call to work with children, so he went back to school and took a master’s degree in counseling and became an elementary school guidance counselor. Several years later he went on a mission trip with his church to Liberia, West Africa during the course of the trip he came across 100 war-orphans and almost immediately felt God calling him to help them. He called his wife and she began immediately collecting clothing and other articles needed by the children.

As they say – the rest is history! They began raising money to de-worm the children, feed them, clothe them, and house them in a closed building so they will be free of malaria. Additionally children have been sent to school – and to have actually graduated from college! A particularly challenging story was when Daryl went back to Liberia at the height of the Ebola outbreak to work with doctors: miraculously he was not affected at all by the disease and many children were healed. Next spring Daryl will bring a college-age woman back to the States with him – the only Ebola survivor ever to come to the United States.

I write this to open your eyes to this wonderful ministry. But beyond this, I want you to know of the power inherent in God’s calling when we open ourselves to Him. I hope this is a challenge to you!