Law and Order 33 A.D.

It happened on the evening of the Day of Resurrection: Jesus’ disciples had fled Calvary and locked themselves in another upper room. You can imagine the surprise when the risen Jesus appeared and bid them “Peace.” Thomas wasn’t there for that momentous occasion and made loud noises of unbelief – that is, he would not believe until he could perform a forensic examination on this purported risen Jesus. If you watch Law and Order like I do, you know that to convict the accused the burden is “beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The next time they were together Thomas was there and Jesus again showed himself. Again, Thomas said I must have a forensic examination if I am to believe – and Jesus gave them one. It was probably the shortest postmortem on record: Thomas realized the error of his ways and gasped, “My Lord and my God.” John the Evangelist used this opportunity to declare that the ones who are truly blessed are the ones who believe without seeing. Obviously he is talking about you and me. Among other stories, this story of Thomas and the risen Jesus draws me close to the Savior and gives me hope for the future.