The Great Shepherd 

I have a book on my shelf: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by Philip Keller, a man who lived in East Africa and observed the work of tenant shepherds and reflected on his own work as a sheep owner. In his introduction, Mr. Keller wrote something that made me think about what it means to dwell in the house of the Lord for many long years. Having been in Africa where there is little, if any, electricity the nights are very dark but the sky bright:

So if the Lord is my Shepherd I should know something of His character and understand something of His ability. To meditate on this I frequently go out at night to walk alone under the stars and remind myself of His majesty and might. Looking up at the star-studded sky I remember that at least 250 million x 250 million such bodies – each larger than our son, one of the smallest of the stars, have been scattered across the vast spaces of the universe by His hand. I recall that the planet earth, which is my temporary home for a few short years, is so minute a speck of matter in space that if it were possible to transport our most powerful telescope to our nearest neighboring star, Alpha Centauri, and look back this way, the earth could not be seen, even with the aid of that powerful instrument.