The Sheer Beauty of Main Street

We have been living on Main Street in Greensboro, Georgia for going on nine years and every year I write about the beauties of springtime, focusing my attention on the redbuds, azaleas, and other flowering plants that bloom in the spring. Their beauty almost defies description and makes me want to quote St. Augustine who said that God could have made only one kind of flour, one kind of tree, and one kind of flowering plant – but God made thousands, and we never stopped enjoying them. I have pictures of them and I have posted many pictures on my Facebook page to the delight of my friends everywhere.

This week I have noticed something that I have seen all along but it failed to appreciate properly. I was riding home from church on my scooter the other day, thinking about the season of Ordinary Time that would be beginning next week and I look down Main Street and it hit me: everything, as far as I could see, was green. And not just green, but shades of green, so many shades as to remind me of the number of flowers that I enjoyed just a few weeks ago. Ordinary Time on the liturgical calendar is when we enjoyed the “greening” of our faith in anticipation of the harvest – the beautiful fruit that we produce as Christians and as church families.
I hope that as you drive up and down Main Street – or your street – you will again thank God for His creative artistry and that you will use your skills to produce abundant fruit. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!