O How I Love Jesus!

I went to a small Christian college in Massachusetts where I earned one half of my tuition by singing in a men’s quartet, sponsored by the Development Department. We went into churches all over New England – as far south as Maryland and into New York State. We first came together late in 1964 and celebrated our 50 year reunion at our home in Greensboro. We were totally amazed how good we sounded after all those years – and how much we cared about each other. After all, we spent probably 30 out of 52 weekends a year plus several weeks when we went on choir tour.

We sang out of books and hymnals, but our greatest fun was creating our own music. One of our favorite songs was a medley that concluded with O How I Love Jesus. After singing two verses Fred, our lead baritone, asked each of us the same question: Say Jim, do you love Jesus? I responded: O yes I love Jesus. He asked: Do you really love Jesus? I sang: I really love Jesus. The dialogue went on until we all sang the refrain – Because He first loved me! The churches loved it – and we loved singing it.

Today, I can tell you without equivocation – I really love Jesus!