A Day for Dads

On Sunday we Americans celebrated Father’s Day with phone calls, sports tickets, fishing reels, neckties – may be a thing of the past – and other manly gifts. At First Presbyterian church in Greensboro we celebrated the quelling of the storm by Jesus who was asleep in the boat. Our pianist played service music with a Father theme: God the Father, that is. The choir sang a short medley that included “Abba Father” and “Gracious Father, Gracious Father, we are so glad to be your children, gracious Father.” We also prayed for fathers who were in our midst and who are in our memories.

What was missing was a sentimental look at the ideal human father – or even the ideal human family, since many of us have experienced neither. Father’s Day is not on the church liturgical calendar because, after all, we have only one father and He is in heaven, guiding us, leading us, and at times cradling us in His arms when we are in need. There is nothing sentimental about our God. Our God loved us so much that he did not even withhold His only Son from us. It is through His life, death, and resurrection that we live – and celebrate Father’s Day every day!