Swimming with the Fishes

This week my daughter and her husband will be coming for a visit. The main reason for the visit will be a trip to the Georgia Aquarium where they will put on their scuba year and swim with the fish in the big tank. They have had much experience scuba diving in the Caribbean where the proliferation of fish is nothing short of miraculous. When we see them in the glass tunnel, surrounded by fish, it will be a treat but I am anticipating greatly.

I have been to the Aquarium before and am still in awe of the memory – the colors – the shapes and sizes of God’s creation under the sea. St. Augustine said that God could have created just one kind of fish, but He created literally thousands – the same goes for mammals, flowers, and trees. God is the consummate Artist in the universe. I stand in awe of the wonderful truth that we are made in God’s image and we have the opportunity to create just like God. In the process we enjoy swimming with the fishes!