Raising Children

Some years ago Hillary Clinton wrote a book called, It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, and I have taken that to heart both as a Christian father and as the spiritual father of perhaps thousands of children – now across the world! I am especially blessed to have contact with so many of those children who are now in their 50s and many of them are holding positions of honor, authority, and usefulness to humankind. Facebook and other social media have been wonderful “family” networks to rediscover many of these children – but I had been in the practice of keeping up in the old days of telephone, letter writing, and visiting former churches.

I have been practicing this work with children through the Pete Nance Boys and Girls Club for the past several years. I serve on the Advisory Board but more importantly I read to the children using digital storybooks and a large television screen. I do this for two reasons: my spinal cord injury left me with hands that do not manage books well; and secondly, seeing the story on the screen allows me to have my hands free for gestures and the capacity to involve the children in not only learning to read but to do so dramatically.
Jesus said that whatever you do for the “least of these” you do for me. I don’t think that Jesus only meant children, but in His time children were a “throwaway” commodity. Jesus took them VERY seriously – and so do I!