A Grateful Anniversary

This week marks the ninth anniversary of my call to Greene County – and First Presbyterian Church. For those of you reading this for the first time and who don’t know me I would like to tell you about myself and how I came to be serving the Greensboro church. I had been an ordained pastor for more than 44 years and spent 12 of those years as a Presbytery executive – nine of them in Cherokee Presbytery Northwest of Atlanta.

In 2004 I suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury that put me in the Shepherd Center in Atlanta for three months of rehab. After that I went back to my job with the Presbytery until the end of June 2006 when we determined that I was unable to handle the demands and the travel that the job required. In all honesty I thought that I would remain on disability until I was 66 and then take full retirement. It was not to be. The executive presbyter from Northeast Georgia Presbytery came to see me and told me about a position available in Greene County. The rest is history!

My wife and I landed in Greene County on September 17, 2006 – purchased the house just down the street from the church – and absolutely perfect house and although my body is still very limited I love preaching more than ever and I love the congregation I serve more than you can know.

If you’re looking for a church home – I look forward to seeing you.