More Family Matters

I am a proud member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and have been so for many years. I have served as Moderator of two presbyteries and on the executive staff of two presbyteries. Beyond that I have loved the diversity of the family; the racial/ethnic diversity and the theological diversity. While I don’t agree with everything that happens at the Gen. Assembly level I wouldn’t dream of leaving my family. There is just too much love there and too much good work that goes on to even entertain the possibility.

Some years ago I worked with two churches: one church was Korean-American – growing by leaps and bounds and unable to contain their program in a pitifully small piece of property. Up the road a few miles was a traditional Anglo church with a strong Brazilian presence. It was a relatively small congregation on a very large piece of property with a significant amount of building space.

To make very long story short I met with the two pastors and talked about possibilities for the future. Again, to make a long story short the Korean church moved up the road to the Anglo/Brazilian church and they developed an agreement to work together; to share property while maintaining separate sessions; and on occasion worshiping together. I had the privilege of preaching for the first service and it was something special. There were times of singing and prayer that I called “Holy Chaos.” Holy Chaos indeed! This is how it should be everywhere!