Still More Family Matters

I have been writing about family matters for the past several weeks – mostly because the family is so important to me. I should say, the Family is important to me. Sure, I love my wife, my children, my brothers – various spouses great nieces and great nephews. Since my cousin Elsa and I are the two oldest ones on the Choomack side of the family we are probably the most pensive and thoughtful about family matters. However, I have a much broader Family – one that lives on every continent and in almost every country on earth – the Church of Jesus Christ; His Body.

When I suffered my spinal cord injury back in 2004 I was serving as General Presbyter for Cherokee Presbytery, which meant I had contacts all over the country – and also in Africa, Central and South America and South Korea. As I began to wake up and be alert to my situation I began to receive cards, emails, and visits by the hundreds not only was I promised prayer people came and stood (some knelt) by my bed and prayed earnestly for my complete recovery. Through social media outlets like Facebook I am still being prayed for and loved.

I am still disabled; I still have pain; but in many ways I am recovered because I have been upheld by so many sisters and brothers in Christ. This family is not merely “theological.” It is real and I treasure my membership in it every day. If you are in Greensboro or are moving to Greensboro, I hope you will come and visit us at First Presbyterian (next to the post office). I guarantee you will feel like part of the Family.