The Family Dinner

In the Book of Acts the young church was created by the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. By anyone’s standard this was a miracle of epic proportions and enthusiasm – but the real miracle of the young Christian community was its daily program. Among other things the community gathered for table fellowship. To this day when Christians eat together something special takes place.

On Sunday we stayed after worship for a fellowship luncheon. We are a small congregation with a small Fellowship Hall – and it was filled to capacity – and the noise was amazing! Not only were we delighted by the abundant food it was amazing for me to experience people sharing their lives over that food. I enjoyed the fellowship at my table, but I could hear what was going on at other tables – and it was truly miraculous.

In the Christian community, our liturgy is critical as we worship God; our service touches our community and world with the hands and heart of Jesus; and we come to love one another as real family when we gather for the family dinner! I hope you will not miss this opportunity in your church – and if you don’t have a church family you are welcome to become part of ours.