Holy Wastefulness!

Most of us are horrified by government wastefulness. We decry “porkbarrel” politics that tax useless, wasteful spending on to bills that are appropriate and helpful to local states and communities. It is this kind of stuff that gets people elected – and keeps them elected. Nevertheless, in a multi-trillion dollar budget it is easy to hide hundreds of thousands – and even millions of dollars of waste.

Next Sunday will be the Fifth Sunday in Lent and we will hear the story of Mary, committing what I like to call a “perfect waste of money.” This is when she poured a vial of very expensive perfume on to Jesus’ feet. Judas protested – and if the truth be known, if I was there I probably would’ve complained also. After all, that perfume could have been sold and the money used for a more honorable purpose. However, Mary was doing the right thing: she was pouring out her life, anointing Jesus for death. This is a moment filled with meaning and holy significance.

A perfect waste of money.